Headquartered in Bismarck North Dakota, CrossCountry Courier is an expedited shipping and logistics company dedicated to “service beyond your highest expectations”. We utilize a network of 13 strategically placed shipping terminals to provide a business-focused overnight delivery service to most cities throughout North Dakota, South Dakota and Minnesota. By leveraging strong partnerships with other freight carriers who’ve met our requirements, we’re able to carry your freight beyond our direct service area while still providing the level of service you’ve come to expect. Founded in 1980 on a strong commitment to our customer’s needs, CrossCountry Courier celebrates over 30 years of service excellence and continual growth, thanks in no small part to our dedicated customers, both big and small. We’ll continue that tradition by living that commitment, and building new customer relationships one at a time. Our sales team stands ready to help you become a part of our family of customers! Categories: Commercial Shipping | Couriers and Messengers < Read Less

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