Our 100% Lifetime Comfort Guarantee. A real guarantee that covers your changing needs! Located in Sioux Falls, SD. Comfort King stands behind every mattress set we build. That’s why our mattresses are guaranteed comfortable for life. When you buy a Comfort King, you not only get more mattress for less, you also get our Lifetime Comfort Guarantee. One year, five years, even 10 years, it doesn’t matter, if you want a different feel we’ll adjust your mattress as long as you own it – guaranteed! You simply pay for whatever materials you want to add to your bed. It’s all in your hands! Did You Know? We spend, on average, about one-third of our lives sleeping. The National Sleep Foundation’s “Sleep in America” poll shows that 60 percent of American adults have problems sleeping. According to the Center for Disease Control, the best medicine for fighting off the flu is a good night’s sleep. The body produces more natural disease fighters necessary to fight off germs while you’re sleeping. Shopping tips: Choosing the right sleep set is a decision only you can make. The best solution for one person may not be the solution for someone else. Here are some tips for selecting the proper sleep set for you. Prepare to shop: This is the one decision you need to make lying down! Be sure to wear comfortable clothes and shoes you can remove easily. If you’re going to share this bed, bring your partner along and “test drive” a variety of mattresses together. Discard old notions about “firm” Ten or fifteen years ago, conventional thinking suggested a mattress had to be as hard as a board to be good for you. Now we know that a too-hard mattress may sabotage sleep by creating uncomfortable pressure at the shoulders and hips. Today’s mattresses are much more “sleeper friendly,” combining comfort with deep-down support. Get the whole story: Study all the available literature. Once you make a decision, you should ask for any special care information prepared by the manufacturer or by the store itself. First impressions count: Quality sleep sets will give the outward appearance of quality. Look for fine tailoring, superior fabrics and a surface that looks and feels plush. Better sleep sets feature extra layers of soft cushioning in high-quality natural or man-made fibers. About the guarantee: The guarantee is there to protect you against product defects, not against the gradual loss of comfort and support. Although a sleep set may be usable after 10 years, it may no longer be providing the comfort and support your body needs. Bigger is better: If you sleep with someone else, don’t settle for anything smaller than a queen; consider a king if you’re tall or like lots of extra space (we all turn between 40 and 60 times a night). Buy a matching set: Don’t make the mistake of putting a new mattress on an old box spring. A mattress and box spring are designed to work together as a sleep set. The box spring acts like a giant shock absorber, taking a lot of the nightly wear and tear, and contributes to the bed’s overall comfort and support. Invest in the best: When you consider that you’ll be spending three of the next ten years in bed, it makes sense to invest in the best-quality sleep set your budget will allow. Averaged over its projected lifespan, even the most expensive bed costs less per day than a cup of coffee! Categories: Home Projects | Furniture | Residential Furniture | Home Furnishings | Home Safety and Accessibility | Mattresses | Room Ideas | Bedroom Ideas < Read Less

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